For Spring 2018, Solid combines a clean-cut Scandinavian look with a more colourful and exotic approach. The Scandinavian look serves up a classic appearance with stripy and small-print shirts, T-shirts with delicate feather motif prints, and finely textured light knitwear. Classic pleated trousers feature in an updated version with low crutch and turn-ups. Adding some edge to this theme, Solid make way for a retro sports comeback through choice elements, for instance the classic white knitted tennis sweater and sporty stripes on sweatshirts and tees. The colour palette contains delicate blue, navy, sand, grey melange and white, perked up with vivid blue and retro red.

As part of the exotic theme, a safari look allows Solid to focus on sand and earthy shades combined with light and dark army green, while a range of stylish pastels on a black base signals a more jungle-inspired approach. A new trend in menswear is Solid's introduction of a dusky pink, used as a recurring element in both the safari and the jungle-style look. The silhouette is slim for shirts and T-shirts. Eye-catching wash effects, worn edges and embroidered motifs on both T-shirts and shorts have all been turned up another notch. In the print effects, Solid go all out with a stunning array of wild tigers, magnificent parrots, exotic palm trees and tropical flowers. Fabrics vary between cotton, linen and – as a new addition – viscose for a more glossy and vivid effect. In outerwear, we see a revival of the cagoule with the launch of a model made from light, crisp material.

Solid focus on a clean-cut look. This design is built around a monochrome colour range, and it continues to draw distinct inspiration from the world of sports. For Spring 2018, this line gets a Japanese twist, as print effects include Japanese characters mixed with camo patterns. The fit is casual and slightly baggy. The current trend for back prints and small prints appearing in unexpected places is a distinct part of the Street Apparel line. Colours are mostly black and white, injected with army and camo as well as a dash of red.

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High Summer 2018 welcomes you to a journey through time. Inspired by the French undersea explorer and documentary host Jacques Cousteau and the 1970’s Côte D’azur, Solid presents an amazing high summer collection with a maritime retro look.

Striped and printed T-shirts, a red beanie and a light chambray shirt with button down underlines the look of the famous French undersea explorer. Maritime retro prints on T-shirts mixed with shorts and shirts in sun faded colors, reflects the beach life of Côte D’azur in the 1970’s. Both themes are respectfully converted into a modern street look.

Take a dive into the new Solid collection and get inspired for the next summer holiday.


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