Solid offers you a personalized choice of apparel options which express your individuality 24/7. Depending on your personality, on any given day, and any given occasion, wherever you are:

Solid creates personality!


Solid is a cool, laid back and fashionable menswear brand with a universe divided into different capsules; Each capsule reflects a unique style direction.

Solid also offers a wide range of NOS products that can be ordered online whenever it suits the retailer.

Fabrics and fittings are in focus regardless of the style direction. The width of the capsule reflects its large target group and emphasizes the great commercial strength of Solid.

Solid is distributed through dealers in more than 30 countries and through a great number of leading stores and online stores across Europe, including Solid stores in Denmark and Norway. Solid is a part of one of the largest fashion manufacturers in Scandinavia – DK Company A/S!


Solid is not just a name. It’s a feeling. Solid comprises how we work. And
how it feels to work with us. Whatever we do it has to add value to your
business, so you can add value to your customers. That’s how we work
and that’s why our mindset focuses on three main values.

We enable your customers to feel unique and help them create their own
expression. All while feeling guided and assisted in doing so. We do
this by making sure that elements from all parts of our Nordic-inspired
collections can be mixed and matched indefinitely. We make every mix a
perfect match.

That is why we strive to bring you top quality in everything we do and
deliver. From the skilled craftsmanship and quality materials that are
woven into every single garment to our marketing and supply chain. Not
to mention our unique fittings and final details that make every product
unmistakably Solid. In short, quality is crucial to us. It’s the feeling you
get when wearing our garments. And when doing business with us.
We are experts at what we do. Our organization is comprised of core
competencies in every field, and each and every one of us at Solid
dedicates our expertise to bringing out the very best in our customers’

Being adaptive is equally important. We constantly adapt our collections
to current European trends and to different markets, cultures, customers
and lifestyles. We adapt our business to match our customers’ business
model when necessary. Being adaptive and agile is part of our mindset,
and considering the pace at which the world is changing, this is decisive.